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Company Profile

Gesher Gypsum 2006 Ltd., one of the oldest manufacturers of construction materials in Israel, has acquired over its years of activity in the industry a reputation among users and recommenders of its products: A range of products, mostly based on natural gypsum from Gesher's quarries, which is carefully chosen and produced with strict controls and investment in research and development that are suitable for buyers in Israel and elsewhere in the world. The great experience that has been acquired over the years, the close work with customers on the one hand and with the Standards Institution of Israel and the Technion Institute of Technology on the other establish the plant and the service that it offers its customers in the first rank of material suppliers in the industry. Gesher Gypsum's do it yourself (DIY) products, such as white gypsum, alabaster gypsum, powdered cellulite, white and colored grout, gypsum or cement based adhesives and others, have gained a place of honors in stores and in building yards and there demand, even comparing to competing imports, is stable and based on the good experience of regular and new customers.

The "white plaster" (gypsum plaster) brand, which is the cornerstone of the contractors' division at the plant, is supported by professional education and sales units that demonstrate, accompany and serve the plaster teams at the construction sites with devotion that is characteristic of the plant management's policy, which support the finding of as many common denominators as possible between it and its customers, such as: joint solutions for economical application, adaptation to the customer's true needs, consultation based on experience and effective, advanced technological solutions for materials and technical equipment. We believe in economic viability testing and repeat orders!

Compliance with standards and enhancement of quality processes at the plant on a constant basis have been our goal throughout our activity, and the plant's certification under the ISO 9002 standard has constituted a follow up in the tradition of true exactingness and great commitment to the requirements of standards, Israeli and international alike.

The few complaints that are related to the quality of our products attests to the success that has accompanied us in this field. The human capital at Gesher Gypsum is an asset that we are proud of and constantly develop, and it is undoubtedly one of the causes of success, from production workers, maintenance staff, storeroom personnel and management staff - some of whom are kibbutz members, some being payrolled employees from nearby communities - to our representatives in the wholesale and contracting sales units, all of whom are devoted to quality and service and the satisfaction of our customers nationwide.

I shall be happy to be at your service for any question or request.

Gesher GypsumOfer Fishman
Gesher Gypsum 2006 Ltd.