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Welcome to the website of Gesher Gypsum, one of the leading companies in the construction industry in Israel.

60 years of activity and excellence have led the company to a breakthrough in the construction field: we have transformed the plaster world from black to white, we have brought in loam for paving top floors using a silo and a dispatch system. Henkel grout is marketed directly to contractors, and from now on we shall be introducing the light partitions method, which includes: gypsum blocks, plasterboards and a special glue system for this method. Read company profile.

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Gesher Gypsum productsOur products:

Our virtual product catalog has dozens of products and comprehensive, reliable information, system specifications and 1:1 scale sections that will help you plan your project. You can get specifications and sections for all building detail types from our company's service department.


Gesher Gypsum - Gypsum Plaster
- Gesher Bond 31
- Gesher Bond 21
- Gesher Loam for Porcelain
- Exterior Cellutite
- Bagar Stucco